She Can Help You Bloom: Interview with Wilma Lee

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There are coaches, then there is Wilma Lee of Full Bloom Services. Wilma is a healer, ally, and mentor. She is a protégé of the world famous spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant.However, she stands on her own as a trusted advisor for women helping them get planted in the right places so they can come into their Full Bloom. Wilma resides in Greenbelt, Maryland, but she can work with you no matter where you are. The three words that best describe her are...
Transcendence, Healing, and Joy! 

  1. Did you choose to be a life coach or did it choose you, and explain? It chose me. All of my adult life people would talk to me about their life and their problems. They always told me they felt better. I have been championing folk for as long as I can remember and I love it.
  2. As a speaker and life coach, what message do you want women to understand about themselves? Most of all I want them to understand their worth, their beauty, and their value.
  3. What is the most rewarding thing about coaching others? Seeing my clients evolve through their process. I absolutely love that.
  4. As you move into a new year, what do you want to do differently that you think will impact your business, clients or the world? Get out there more. I get a little nervous but I see Full Bloom Services being global.
  5. What does it mean to be “in full bloom”? Living a life you love. Creating, blossoming and growing in your truth.
  6. For those wanting to work with you, what makes you different? I am clairvoyant which means I see things I use this in my practice and it helps me get to the heart of your problem like a laser.
  7. We are approaching the holidays, what is the most important thing for us to do to stay motivated event when we might feel alone and tired? Rest and refresh yourself often. Unplug. Get together will people you love and people who love you.
  8. Thank you for sharing with me, is there anything else that you want my readers to know about you or Full Bloom Services? Yes. I have a free workbook. I am planning to launch it the first of the year in honor of my birthday but here is a link where they can download it FREE now.
 To learn more about Wilma or to connect with you go to...

Twitter: @Fullbloominfo              
Periscope: @Fullbloominfo

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