There are coaches, then there is Wilma Lee of Full Bloom Services. Wilma is a healer, ally, and mentor. She is a protégé of the world famous spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant.However, she stands on her own as a trusted advisor for women helping them get planted in the right places so they can come into their Full Bloom. Wilma resides in Greenbelt, Maryland, but she can work with you no matter where you are. The three words that best describe her are...
Transcendence, Healing, and Joy! 

  1. Did you choose to be a life coach or did it choose you, and explain? It chose me. All of my adult life people would talk to me about their life and their problems. They always told me they felt better. I have been championing folk for as long as I can remember and I love it.
  2. As a speaker and life coach, what message do you want women to understand about themselves? Most of all I want them to understand their worth, their beauty, and their value.
  3. What is the most rewarding thing about coaching others? Seeing my clients evolve through their process. I absolutely love that.
  4. As you move into a new year, what do you want to do differently that you think will impact your business, clients or the world? Get out there more. I get a little nervous but I see Full Bloom Services being global.
  5. What does it mean to be “in full bloom”? Living a life you love. Creating, blossoming and growing in your truth.
  6. For those wanting to work with you, what makes you different? I am clairvoyant which means I see things I use this in my practice and it helps me get to the heart of your problem like a laser.
  7. We are approaching the holidays, what is the most important thing for us to do to stay motivated event when we might feel alone and tired? Rest and refresh yourself often. Unplug. Get together will people you love and people who love you.
  8. Thank you for sharing with me, is there anything else that you want my readers to know about you or Full Bloom Services? Yes. I have a free workbook. I am planning to launch it the first of the year in honor of my birthday but here is a link where they can download it FREE now.
 To learn more about Wilma or to connect with you go to...

Twitter: @Fullbloominfo              
Periscope: @Fullbloominfo

WITS '15 Group Photo - please credit Women in Travel Summit
by Wanderful (1)
 Are you a travel blogger? If so, you need to be at the Women in Travel Summit (WiTS16) in Irvine, CA March 18-20. I have always been told that writers write, and bloggers blog. However, if you are going to blog, then you should hang out and learn from other bloggers in an effort perfect your trade. And, if you travel the world and you write about your experiences, then why would you pass up the opportunity to meet and learn from others who do the same thing you do? Here are five great reasons you should be in Irvine, CA at the 2016 Women in Travel Summit…

1.       It’s California: Need I say more?

WITS '15 Attendees 2 - please credit Kayti Burt for
 Women in Travel Summit by Wanderful
2.       Networking: Your net worth is only as great as your network. It’s important to connect with link-minded people, especially in the lonely world of blogging. Many bloggers spend a great deal of time alone sitting in front of a computer typing or talking into a camera trying to get people like yourself to learn, explore, enhance, or rethink what they are currently doing. Therefore, networking is a great way to learn from other experts in your field, collaborate, and find people who have one too; a desire to tell a story to help others.

3.       Learning Opportunity: It’s important to grow, and let’s be honest, you know there are somethings that you don’t know that you wish that you knew. So, go to California, network, and learning something about what you love. Sounds like a win-win to me. You know things change in so fast that it is imperative that you stay ahead of the curve so that you can remain relative.
Add caption  WITS '14 Speaker Bayyina Black - please credit Kayti Burt 
                      for Women in Travel Summit by Wanderful (1)
4.        Business Development: Okay, you blog, that’s wonderful! However, do you honestly want to work a 9 to 5 job when you love to travel and explore the world? You know the answer is a resounding NO! You would rather be boarding a plane and looking at your wonderful itinerary of events and places you want to explore. So, if you want to walk away from that boring job that seems to have you caged like a chicken in a chicken coop, then WITS should be the place for you to come and learn about your options to make money and do what you love; travel.  

5.       Excitement: It’s not rocket science, 500 world travelers with a million stories spells E-X-C-I-T-E-M-E-N-T. Come on! its 500 women who have seen some of the most amazing sunrises, speak several different languages, and eat things no one can pronounce. You know these women have a story to tell about crawling food, and if not, they certainly have a juicy love story about a handsome man they met on a remote island in the middle of nowhere. I mean travel bloggers are indeed the ones living out loud the dream that too many are scared to explore. So, you know they turn all the way up! 
WITS '15 Attendees at our Opening Party - please credit Ashley Hufford
 for Women in Travel Summit by Wanderful

      So, there you have it. These are just a few reasons you should be at the Women in Travel Summit in Irvine, CA, March 18-20,2016. If you miss it, don't say I didn't tell you about it when you hear about all the wonderful things that would happen, because I did. I'll be there with or without you, and guess what? You'll read about it because I'll blog about the nice weather in California, the people I met and networked with, all the wonderful things I learned, and most importantly the fun and excitement I had with some of the most wonderful women in the world. Oh, did I mention another reason you should attend, I'll be there speaking!!

     To learn more about WITS16, go to

Cha is the president of Global Bound Consulting where coaches’ individuals in transition, provides intercultural training, and speaks to school, groups, and organizations. She is also the founder of Expat Women of Color, which is a 501C3 organization that helps connect who desire live, work, study and/or travel abroad with other women with similar interest. In here spear time, she loves to travel and see the world. You can contact and learn more about Cha through her personal website or through her blog