5 Reasons You Want to Come to the Ladies, Lipstick, and Luggage Conference.

With just a few more until the conference, we wanted to let you know WHY you don't want to miss this inaugural event.
  1.  It's a fundraiser. As a fundraiser, you have an opportunity to invest in the next general of world travelers by helping educate, promote, bring awareness, and expose the next generation to the world through travel. Many of the students participating in our Boarding Pass Program would not otherwise have an opportunity to leave their city, state, or country.
  2. It will help you grow. You will be empowered through beauty, fashion , and travel. We created this conference so that all women can fully walk in their own truth by recognizing their power from within. 4 out of every 5 negative tweets about beauty are women talking about themselves. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. If we don’t change what we project to the world, then who will?
  3. You can meet new people. You have the opportunity to build your personal and professional network. Meet women who are doing things differently, thinking outside the box, and experiencing life on their own terms. This is a conference encouraged by Bold, Beautiful, and On the Move women. 
  4. Expand your knowledge. You will learn tips, tricks, techniques, and get travel tools from beauty, fashion, and travel professionals with hands-on knowledge of their perspective industries. 
  5. Get supported you desire. You will get the support you need to step out and do the work you love in the business you created. We are encouraging and supporting women entrepreneurs by assisting them with better strategies to promote their business, products, services and brand.
These are just a few of the reason you want to make sure you are at the Ladies, Lipstick, and Luggage Conference. Learn register below. Also, check out the website to get updates on the conference schedule here.
We hope to see in Nashville, TN, August 11-14, 2016.